Factory premises for Acciona Blades in Lumbier
Lumbier (Navarre) 2009

As part of the Acciona group energy division, Acciona Blades is dedicated to wind turbine blade design and manufacture.

2009 saw the completion of the company's first blade manufacturing plant, located at Lumbier (Navarre), with a project designed and directed by Iturralde y Sagüés Ingenieros.

The 330,000 m2 plot of land was divided into two levels, with the blade manufacturing facility located in the lower area whilst there are future plans to implement a logistics distribution centre for Acciona Windpower in the upper area.

The plant built on the lower platform comprises two adjacent industrial buildings of 40x100 and 40x120 metres respectively. One building is positioned more to the front than the other whilst, wedged between these buildings, there is an 8 metre wide by 160 metre long 3-level auxiliary building to house the production offices, the installations centres and, on the roof, the outdoor air-conditioning machinery.

In order to camouflage the plant and blend it into the scenery, three colours present in the natural environment (ochre and greens) were selected and used to randomly paint the facades and roofs.

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