Agro-alimentary City of Tudela
Tudela (Navarre) 2008

Agro-alimentary City of Tudela is a 120-hectare industrial estate specialising in agrifood industries.
One of its unique features is a common infrastructure centre and a distribution network which uses an airborne rack which allows it to produce the services centrally and distribute them to the companies. This allows the companies to cut on infrastructure investment, running and maintenance costs. The centre means that energy efficiency of over 80% can be achieved.

The services provided by the centre are:

  • Steam at 10 bar generated in gas boiler and/or through cogeneration
  • Hot water in a closed circuit at 85º/55º produced in gas boiler and/or through cogeneration
  • Cold water in a closed circuit at 5.5 ºC produced by cogeneration motors through a lithium bromide absorption machine
  • Glycol water at -10ºC produced in the refrigeration plant for companies with low cold consumption
  • Refrigeration plant with electric motors and ammonia and CO2 compressors supplying cooling fluid at -10ºC for use in cold storage rooms and cooling processes, -35ºC for use in freezer rooms and -42ºC for use in freezing processes
  • Pressurised water network for fire extinction consisting of a 1000 m2/h fire protection system with jockey pump

All the plots also have:

  • Drinking-water supply
  • Sewage system
  • Industrial waste water treatment
  • Electricity supply through a 2x25 MVA, 66 kV/12.1 kV transformer substation
  • Natural gas supply
  • Communications network

Iturralde y Sagüés Ingenieros designed the preliminary project and managed the project itself in collaboration with AIN.